Barzani National Memorial

The Barzani National Memorial (BNM) is a cultural institution located in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq that commemorates the life and legacy of Mustafa Barzani, the symbol of the Kurdish movement. In line with Mustafa Barzani’s vision of a united Kurdistan, BNM pays homage to all the Kurdish leaders who led major campaigns for the eternal goal of freedom.

The BNM serves as a cultural institution that aims to educate everyone on the history and struggles of the Kurdish people, highlighting their journey to reach where they are today. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to Kurdish people of the endurance and sacrifices their ancestors made in order for them to visit a place like BNM without fear.


To bring to light the true story of a people suppressed for their mere existence while ensuring the efforts of those who resisted are celebrated.


The mission of BNM is to educate and inspire current and future generations with the truth of the struggle while continuously promoting the Barzani Movement’s rules of coexistence, minority rights, and nature preservation.

BNM Components

The Barzani National Museum is a comprehensive and multifaceted institution catering to the interests and needs of diverse visitors. One of its significant features is an expansive outdoor space that can host a range of culturally significant events. The outdoor area offers a tranquil atmosphere, that perfectly showcases the natural beauty of the region.

The museum takes the visitors back on a vivid journey into the past showcasing artefacts that tell many stories. The complex has a theatre room for a short documentary summarizing the Barzani history and a gallery that showcases the work of prominent artists from the region. BNM also offers an auditorium and multiple seminar rooms for all sorts of conferences and seminars.

As a part of its aim to make a wide range of resources available for researchers and curious readers, BNM offers a library with an extensive collection of documents and books. Those who cannot make it to the library or prefer using technology can access the resources available on the e-library.

There are multiple meeting rooms for all sizes with multiple resting areas and a grand cafeteria that can accommodate up to 300 people. The complex can host an array of events with all needs catered to.