Barzani National Memorial

Welcome to The Barzani National Memorial, a tribute to the legendary Kurdish leader and icon of the Kurdish movement for freedom, the “Father of Kurds,” Mustafa Barzani.

As a memorial to a celebrated life devoted to bringing freedom to a people, BNM strives to be a center of knowledge and research to ensure future generations do not forget the struggle of generations before them. The Memorial is a testament to Kurdish survival and the eternal message of coexistence and peace.

Visitors and scholars can make use of a wide range of resources available in the library and museum on-site while having access to the e-library from anywhere in the world. BNM also offers facilities for seminars, conferences, and galleries. Visitors can relive history while enjoying the aesthetic beauty of the modern architecture symbolizing the success of more than a hundred-year effort that has resulted in freedom at last.

The three domes of the Barzani National Memorial represent coexistence
The grave of Mustafa Barzani and his son Idris Barzani

The grave of Mustafa Barzani has remained unmarked, as per his will to be buried in an unmarked grave like all his fellow Peshmerga who lived and died for the sake of bringing basic human rights to their people. Next to the grave of Mustafa Barzani lie the remains of his late son, Idris Barzani, in a similar unmarked grave.

Sheikh Abdulselam (1874 - 1914)

A pioneer in leading the modern movement for the national liberation of Kurdish people. His movement was built on pillars of upholding tolerance, peaceful coexistence, preservation of nature, and protection of minority rights. He persevered in his quest until his execution by hanging in 1914 by the Ottoman Empire.

Sheikh Ahmed Khudan (1896 - 1969)

Successor to his older brother, Sheikh Abdulselam, who led the Barzani movement through major world events including both World Wars while remaining stringent on following the same pillars as his brother. He was revered by his followers and his teachings have resonated with generations that have come long after him.

Mustafa Barzani (1903 - 1979)

A leader under the auspices of his older brother, Sheikh Ahmed, who led in many aspects on behalf of his brother. He would later on lead the largest-ever national movement by the Kurdish people, with Kurds from all walks of life uniting under his leadership.


Barzani National Memorial
Barzan Village
Mergasor District, Erbil Province,
Kurdistan Regional Government – Iraq


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